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GOLD MEDIUM | Medium Roast Arabica

GOLD MEDIUM | Medium Roast Arabica


This coffee bean has a rich taste of dark chocolate that wows the palate with complex ripe barrie and a clean satisfying taste that is sure to strengthen you in whatever challenges you are facing.


From Ethiopia, to OUR CITY ROAST, to your cup. Now that is a journey worth taking. 


    Light and oxygen are enemies to the coffee bean. Our bags are chosen with a purpose in mind... keeping our beans fresh. 


    The one way degassing valve lets CO2 out, not allowing oxygen in. The reseal zipper allows you to keep our freshly roasted beans sealed and fresh serving after serving.


    Small Batch Roasting


    Small batch roasting affords us ample room to see what each bean has to offer.


    For us, coffee roasting comes from a place of creativity, of living life’s richness, and enjoying the good things that life has to offer.

    Our coffee is part of our family. As people enjoy our coffee, we feel that we, in a way, have become part of your family too.


    We Love To Roast!


    We love our coffee, and we think you will too, but if you don’t… 

    unfortunately, we do not accept returns. If it comes damaged or incorrect, we'll take care of you.


    Shipment Processing Time


    We ship our freshly roasted coffee to you via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate. Priority Mail® service includes tracking and delivery in 1-3 business days.


    As a result of the ongoing COVI